What to Put in an Advent Calendar for your Boyfriend/Husband

Have you ever wanted to create an advent calendar for your boyfriend or husband, but had no idea what to put in it? Sure, you could fill it with chocolates, but part of the fun of a DIY advent calendar is that you can customize it for the recipient and add little trinkets, toys and fun gifts. But shopping for men is hard in and of itself, so what do you do when you've got a size limit on top of it?

Well, I've got a bunch of ideas to make it easier for you. Let's take this step by step and craft the perfect advent calendar together for your favorite guy.

Purchase The Right Advent Calendar

The first thing you must do is to choose the right size for your advent calendar. Purchasing an advent calendar that is bigger than usual will give you more options, but you also don't want to go so big that the calendar takes up half of your living room. Yes, I live in a very small one bedroom, why do you ask?

The one I purchased is from Target, and the little "drawer" size is 1 3/4 x 2 x 1 3/8. Keep that in mind when I show you what I put in it, and make sure that your calendar's spaces are big enough for the same items. This is the size that can comfortably fit a Lindt truffle chocolate and a Ferrero Rocher, so in my option, you shouldn't go any smaller than that.

Choose Edible Treats

Chocolates and candy will make up the bulk of your advent calendar because they're easy to find and will be sure to please your man. Just pick 4 or 5 of his favorite small treats and fill the boxes or spaces with as many as you can. You can also include a few pieces of mint or gum in a flavor he's never had before. It's always fun to try new things!

If he likes a certain type of candy or chocolate that doesn't come individually wrapped, you can simply wrap them yourself in small squares of plastic wrap, or use mini muffin cups.

You can also throw in a few tea samples, either just individual tea sachets or fancy samples you can get at tea stores. Try getting a sampler box and adding teas he's never tried before, or Christmas-themed teas like peppermint and sugar plum. And why not do a combo with one tea sachet and one chocolate for the perfect snack? You might have to fold that tea sachet and cram it in there, though.

Here are a few ideas:
Individually wrapped chocolates
Individually wrapped pieces of gum
Homemade fudge cut up in tiny pieces (put them in the first few days; nobody wants 20-day-old fudge)
Chocolate coins
Peanut brittle pieces
Peppermint bark pieces
Jelly beans
Hard candy
Gummy bears
Coffee pods

Add Fun Trinkets And Useful Gifts

Now here's where it gets interesting but harder. Not only do the gifts have to be appealing to your boyfriend or husband, but they also have to fit! My recommendation to you is to bring one of the little drawers with you when you go shopping to see if things will fit. If your advent calendar doesn't have little drawers like mine does, construct a cube with paper using the measurements and bring it with you. Trust me, it will help quite a bit!

Simply peruse the stocking stuffer aisles at any store and you're bound to find a few things. I got the mini Rubik's cube above at World Market, and they also had some other miniature toys like an Etch A Sketch and an Eight-Ball.

If your guy has some sort of hobby or is a big fan of a TV show, video game or book, consider getting small trinkets in relation to those, like a Superman magnet or a Stranger Things keychain.

Here are a few ideas:
Mini puzzle (i.e. mini Rubik's cube)
Mini toy (i.e. mini Etch A Sketch)
Finger puppet
USB key
SD card
Fidget toy
Guitar picks
Tie clip
Shirt collar stays
Medicated lip balm
Key cover
Unique shoe laces
Ear buds
Mini tape measures

Print Digital Gifts

The easiest way to surprise your guy with a bigger gift that he won't be expecting is to purchase a digital copy of a book, a movie, a video game or even a gift card. Print an image of the digital product you bought, then fold the piece of paper until it fits in the little space. After your man unfolds it and shower you with kisses for such a nice surprise, you can simply send him the email/serial number to get the gift. Simple as that!

If you're looking for inexpensive but fun video games, check out Steam, or consider giving him a Google Play or App Store gift card for a mobile game!

Here are a few ideas:
Video game
Magazine subscription
Digital movie
Movie rental
Gift card
Movie theater ticket
Free popcorn voucher
Lotto ticket

Make It Into A Treasure Hunt

If you've got a great idea for a small gift that just isn't small enough to fit into your advent calendar, just make it a treasure hunt! Write a clue on a piece of paper and stuff it inside the box. Your guy will have to work a little harder for his gift, but it'll be worth it. And who doesn't love a good treasure hunt? You can make it as long or as short as you wish.

I wrote mine on a Christmas gift tag for added seasonal flair, but you can write it on anything.

Consider More Flexible Options

If you just can't find an advent calendar of the size you want, or if you already have a ton of ideas for gifts and treats that are too big to fit not matter how much you try to stuff them in there, try these other advent calendar ideas:

Treasure Hunt
Just like the idea above, except you do it every day. Just hide your gift the night before or just before he opens the advent calendar to make sure he doesn't stumble upon your gifts at the wrong time!

Santa's Mailbox
There are tons of cute Christmas mailboxes in stores this season. Why not use it for an advent calendar? Simply place the day's gift inside, lift up the flag and let your guy enjoy the fun of getting mail that isn't bills for once!

Numbered Wrapped Gifts
Another option is to simply wrap all the gifts and number them, then place them under the tree. Your boyfriend or husband can then pick the right day and unwrap his present. No space limit to worry about!

DIY Advent Calendar
If you want to better control the size of your advent calendar, you can also craft one yourself. There are tons of DIYs on Pinterest and all over the Internet. Pick one that suits your need and have fun! After all, there's nothing better than a nice Christmas craft to relax during the weekend.

I really hope these ideas will help you create the best advent calendar for your man, or anyone in your life that is hard to shop for. If you've got anymore suggestions or ideas to add, please make sure to leave a comment!

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