2018 Christmas Decor Roundup: White & Gold

Welcome to another edition of Decor Roundup here at Fox & Spice! This week, I'd like to give you some inspiration for a pure holiday decor with lots of white and hints of gold. Because I've recently ran out of creative juice, I'll just call it the "White & Gold Decor." Don't @ me.

This style is perfect for a sophisticated, YouTube influencer-type, bougie-but-in-a-good-way decor that will wow everyone who comes to your home while making them jealous that they can't keep their home clean enough to pull off a white decor. Bright and peaceful is the goal!

1 // Beaded Scattered Gold Trees Pillow | PIER 1
2 // Solid Texture Throw Pillow | TARGET
3 // Ceramic Cityscape Houses | WEST ELM
4 // Wood Merry And Bright Wall Decor | WORLD MARKET
5 // Tabletop Sitting Fur Deer | MICHAEL'S
6 // White Glass LED Tree Decor | WORLD MARKET
7 // Birch Candle Holder | HOBBY LOBBY

1 // Agate Ornament | AT HOME
2 // Lace Snowflake Ornaments | AT HOME
3 // Glass Diamond Ornament with Snow | WORLD MARKET
4 // Hammered Metal Star Ornament | WEST ELM
5 // White Porcelain Owl Ornament | WORLD MARKET
6 // Snowy Ornament | MACY'S
7 // Feather Dreamcatcher Ornament | AT HOME

Warm Autumn Stroll

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