5 Outfits for Your Fall Occasions

Last year, I had a lot of fun putting together five outfits for every winter occasion, so I decided to do it again this year! I may have done this a little too early as I didn't find as many cute fall clothes as I thought, but I did manage to come up with good outfits that I hope you will enjoy.

Once again, I made sure to select the whole outfit in the same store so that it's easier to order if you want to get it exactly how I made it!

This outfit is perfect for a sunny day out in the orchard. Warm, but not too warm, because let's face it: climbing a ladder to pick the perfect apple at the top of the tree can be quite the exercise. And you'll have some nice boots to trample freely in the mud, too! (Note: The cardigan is already sold out so I swapped it for a very similar one in the links below.)

Cardigan || Top || Jeans || Boots || Socks || Scarf

Another outfit for the outdoors, but this one is a lot more posh. I envisioned someone wearing this during a nice stroll in New York in early November, when it's getting colder and you need something warm to keep you cozy, but you still want to look fashionable.

Coat || Boots || Scarf || Earrings

Nothing better than a date in the fall, am I right ladies? This outfit is perfect for a casual date, with beautiful orange, brown and golden hues. I'm not usually a fan of leopard print, but this ribbon scrunchie really complements the dress and adds a touch of fun. (Note: The leopard scrunchie is already sold out so I swapped it for a leopard head wrap in the links below.)

Dress || Belt || Boots || Necklace || Hair

If you're into Halloween, but not so much into costumes anymore, this outfit is perfect for an elegant spooky party. I particularly love the bat stockings and the skeleton cat earrings. That skirt also exudes wonderful witchy vibes.

Top || Skirt || Belt || Stockings || Shoes || Earrings

During the fall, Sundays are reserved for lazy afternoons reading or watching movies in your comfiest outfit. This is the perfect way to do it, with a nice flannel, some comfy leggings, wooly slippers and the softest blanket ever.

Shirt || Leggings || Slippers || Hair Band || Blanket

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Warm Autumn Stroll

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