2018 Winter Favorites

Christmas is coming to an end, and New Year is almost at our door. It's time to reminisce about everything that happened in 2018 in order to make 2019 a better (or even better) year.

But don't worry, in this particular blog post, I'm only going to look back on the past two months to offer you my favorites of the Christmas season. Let's keep it light while we still can, folks!

Favorite Store

I usually go for HomeGoods or Marshall's for my favorite seasonal store, but this year, they were both chaotic and a bit disappointing in the amount of interesting decor items they had. Macy's, on the other hand, was on point. It was beautifully decorated and had tons of ornaments I LOVED. Mayc's takes the cake this year for me!

Favorite Decor

Saxophone Bear from Macy's
This might have helped Macy's win store of the season this year if I'm honest. This musical bear is ADORABLE and moves so smoothly! Plus, the song actually sounds good instead of some annoying, tinny-sounding "music". I went back for it on Black Friday and haven't regretted it since. I'm constantly turning it on and bopping to the jazzy saxophone Christmas tune.

Favorite Mug

Fair Isle Mug from Joann 
Joann had some solid options in Christmas mugs this year. This one is my absolute favorite, and I wish they had a sweater version of it so I could wear it all Christmas long.

Favorite Snow Globe

Snowy Cabin from HomeGoods
I was looking for a nice snow globe this year and this one caught my eye the second I saw it. I love the wood texture base and the cute little barn/house scene with the snowman. It's also a very nice size and looks great on my shelf!

Favorite Snack

Hot Cocoa M&M
I tried most of the new Christmas flavors, and these hot cocoa m&m are my new obsession. In fact, I just bought three bags in case they run out before I can stock up. I love that they're bigger than the usual m&m, and the hot cocoa flavor is subtle but delicious.

Favorite Candle

Joyful Tea from Target
This is honestly my absolute favorite Christmas candle ever. I struggle with finding a good winter candle because anything with an artificial pine or "snow" scent gives me a headache, and frankly, I'm kind of tired of cinnamon by the time Christmas rolls around. This delightful candle smells like Christmas punch, and it's quite unique. It's fruity, lightly sweet, bright and so festive!

Favorite Book

The Christmas Company by Alys Murray
I had lofty goals of reading five Christmas books this year, but sadly, I've been extremely busy with work, NaNoWriMo, and Fox & Spice, which means I only managed to read two and a half books so far. Out of the two I finished, this one is my favorite! The writing style is shock-full of personality and very engaging, with a lovable and hilarious female protagonist. The story is a unique take on A Christmas Carol that happens in one single night, which I'm always a sucker for. It makes for a more intense story! I really hope Hallmark turns it into a movie.

Favorite Song

Winter Wonderland by Soft Eyez
I stumbled upon a bunch of remixed Christmas songs recently, and I'm really digging it! This one is one of my favorites. It has a chill, jazzy vibe that'll make you bop your head as you hang out with your friends or family.

Favorite TV Movie

Mingle all the Way from Hallmark
It's almost impossible to watch all the new TV movies in one season, given that there are more than SEVENTY of them! But I did watch a few, and my favorite out of the ones I had the pleasure of seeing is Mingle All the Way. I thought the story was fun, and the actors had great chemistry. It always helps when the guy is super cute, too... Surely I'm not the only one? 😉

Favorite Hollywood Movie

The Christmas Chronicles
Again, because of a dire lack of time, I actually missed all the movies that were in theaters. I'm just going to complain every year that Christmas movies aren't even in theaters anymore by December 20, because WHY?! I did, however, manage to watch a few of the streaming movies, and The Christmas Chronicles was by far the best. It's well-paced, fun, beautiful and it has Kurt Russell. What more can you ask? I absolutely love how Santa is portrayed in this movie. He has grit and personality, and his suit is magnificent. Can all Santas wear a suit like that please? This movie is definitely a new classic in my book.

Best Fox of the Season

Fluffy Fox Ornament from Pier 1
This is my biggest regret of the season. I almost bought this super soft fox ornament a million times. Every time I set foot in Pier 1 I debated getting it, but there was always this little voice in my head telling me to wait until they're on sale. Well, when Pier 1 finally ran a good sale on ornaments, they were ALL GONE. I was heartbroken. They were even sold out on the website, and at all the other stores around me. So lesson learned: if you REALLY love something enough that you keep thinking about buying it for several weeks, just get it full price. Hopefully this little guy will come back next year *sob*.

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