My 10 Favorite Christmas TV Show Episodes

When December rolls around, I'm always excited to see what my favorite new shows will do for Christmas. Some of them don't do anything, which I find SO sad. But usually sitcoms will air an episode themed around Christmas, and it's such a joy to watch.

What's more, you can actually use your favorite Christmas episodes to play a little game that will make unwrapping presents last a little longer and add extra anticipation on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning! Basically, you just watch one of the episodes, and only unwrap a present when someone says the word "Christmas," or "Santa," or any other words you think will come up often. Or, you can play a game of "spot the Christmas tree" and unwrap a present when you see one in the frame.

It's a game you can customize however you want, and it's actually a lot of fun!

To get you started, here are 10 of my personal favorite Christmas TV show episodes. Most of these can be watched as standalone, except for the Pretty Little Liars special: I definitely recommend watching the whole show before you get to the Christmas episode, as it is a crime thriller.

1. Bob's Burger // Christmas in the Car

After spending Christmas Eve outrunning a candy cane truck with their last-minute tree, the Belchers find that Bob's friend gets caught in the kids' Santa trap.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine // Yippie Kayak

Jake, Charles and Gina get into trouble while doing last-minute Christmas shopping, Terry tries to make it through the holidays without a call from the precinct, and Amy takes part in a "Polar Swim" with Holt and Diaz.

3. Community // Regional Holiday Music

A holiday-themed parody of "Glee" in which Abed tries to persuade each member of the Study Group to join the glee club so that they can qualify for regionals.

4. Friends // The One with the Holiday Armadillo

Ross wants to introduce Ben to Hanukkah. In order to entice Rachel to move back into their refurbished apartment, Phoebe must drive a wedge between Rachel and current roomie Joey.

5. How I Met Your Mother // How Lily Stole Christmas

Lily takes away her Christmas display after she finds out that Ted called her a bad name while she was broken up with Marshall, and Barney is too sick for his Christmas plans.

6. Happy Endings // No-Ho-Ho

When the gang finds out Jane lied about being born on Christmas Day and never got her own celebration, they throw a Christmas-free birthday party for her.

7. Gilmore Girls // That'll Do, Pig

It's Richards's birthday and his mother arrives from Europe to help celebrate and announce she's moving back to the states, but not everybody is happy about the news. Rory has her hands full at school with Francie and her and Dean decide to be friends, which has Jess a little insecure.

8. Modern Family // White Christmas

Gloria makes plans for the family to have a "White Christmas," but the weather does not cooperate. Jay makes a decision about the future of his business. Alex makes a new friend. Haley and Andy continue to fool around in secret.

9. Pretty Little Liars // How The 'A' Stole Christmas

It is Christmas time and all of the liars are planning on having a great time at the Ice ball, but 'A' has other plans.

10. Great News // A Christmas Carol Wendelson

Carol brings her over-the-top holiday cheer to the office, where she is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Katie volunteers to babysit Chuck's son.

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