Christmas Adventure: Great America's WinterFEST 2017

I like to do at least one fun activity during the Christmas season, and this year, my husband and I decided to check out Great America's WinterFEST (#notsponsored). This was apparently their second year organizing it, but the first I'd ever heard of it.

Guys, it was AMAZING.

About half the park was open at night, decked out in thousands and thousands of Christmas lights and other decorations. Even restaurants and stores were renamed for the season along with brand new signs, like "Candy Cane Café," "Frosty Furnishings," "Sugar Plum Sweets," etc. There were a bunch of shows and games and a huge tree-lighting ceremony at the beginning, along with a Santa Claus as real-looking as you can get, and even fake snow.

But the best, in my opinion, was the wonderful ice skating rink right in front of the double-decked carousel. It was a magical, and I loved every second of it.

I'm sorry you couldn't be there, but I made a little video for you to see what we experienced:

Warm Autumn Stroll

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