The Great Snow Globe Shake-Out 2017

OK so hear me out on this one...

I've always loved snow globes. There's something very satisfying and zen about shaking one out and watching the little blizzard swirl around inside the globe, slowly dying down to a light snowfall. It really is like a sped-up snow storm.

I have this thing where I NEED to shake every snow globe I see in stores. And since I had my camera with me at Marshalls a few weeks ago, I thought... why not just film them all, put the footage together with nice Christmassy music, and call it The Great Snow Globe Shake-Out?

If this is something you're interested in, I'd love to do every year, and I'd probably do a whole lot more. This video is only from one visit at Marshalls, so you can imagine how many more I could get in there if I shook all the snow globes from all the stores.

Anyway, enough babbling... Here's the video! I hope you'll find it relaxing, or at least fun. Let me know if you'd like it to become a tradition.

Warm Autumn Stroll

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