Winter Guided Meditation

As much as I love Christmas, it can be a very stressful time of year. With the end of the year coming at work, the shopping, the hosting, the food making, the family gathering, sometimes it's a lot for the brain to process, especially with the limited amount of sleep we get around the holidays.

So I thought I'd share with you my favorite winter-themed guided meditation on YouTube. It's free, relaxing, and it puts me right to sleep whenever my brain is in overdrive at night.

The Cottage in the Snow

This guided meditation is narrated by a man with a nice, deep voice and a delicious British accent. It'll take you on a walk in a snowy forest, then back to a cozy cottage to relax.

Cabin in the Snow

This one is a whole hour, but a large part of it is a soothing mix of wind and fire crackling sounds. The "story" is very similar to the Cottage in the Snow above, except that it's narrated by a woman, and you don't spend much time outside. You'll be snuggling in front of a fire in a cozy cabin, and falling asleep quite fast.

The Peace of Winter

This one doesn't have much of a "story" like the first two guided meditations, but it's very calming. You'll be sitting by a fire inside a cabin and watching the snow fall through the window, focusing on letting go and emptying your mind. This one is also shorter and not really intended for sleep, so it's perfect for a quick afternoon break when you feel tense.

A Winter's Night

This guided meditation is narrated by the same woman from "Cabin in the Snow," and it's one of my favorites. It will take you on a dreamy adventure through the streets of a quiet city, involving a horse-drawn carriage and a skating pond. It's a beautiful, magical story that never fails to calm me and make me happy.

Beautiful Snow with Fireplace Sound

This one isn't a guided meditation but just a very nice, relaxing mix of snow and fireplace sounds. I often have this one in the background while I'm working. It's my favorite mainly because the video itself is very calming with the cozy cabin and the huge windows allowing you to watch the snow fall.

Warm Autumn Stroll

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