Fall DIY: Harvest Tree

Fall-lovers tend to be Christmas-lovers as well. I get excited for fall in July, which means I also get excited for Christmas towards mid-October, and I'm itching to get my Christmas tree out.

If you have the same problem, boy do I have a great solution for you. A harvest tree! It allows you to mix both Christmas and fall together, take your thanksgiving décor to another level, and make it much easier for you when it's time to transition to Christmas. Your tree will be all fluffed up and ready to go!

Of course, this DIY is mostly for people who own an artificial tree. But if you manage to find a real Christmas tree in the middle of October, go for it!

The instructions are very simple:

1. Choose your leaf garlands

I bought different types of garlands to see what would look better on the tree. Feel free to do the same! Just keep the tags on until you like what you see, and return what didn't work. Don't be afraid to mix different kinds, too.

Here's an idea of what these look like on the tree:

I ended up going with the one on the left. I liked its vibrant colors, and its thickness was just perfect. The one on the right was nice, too, but it was a bit too thick and hard to work with.

For reference, I have a 6'5 tree, and I ended up needing seven 6' garlands.

Another tip: If you find yourself constantly losing leaves as you're trying to string them on, use a hot glue gun to secure each leaf twig on the garland. It's a bit time consuming, but well worth it in the long run.

2. Choose another type of decorations to layer on

A tree decorated only with leaves might look a bit naked. To spruce things up, add some extra fall flair to it. The choice is yours: pine cones, birds, fairy lights, sunflowers, acorns, mini pumpkins, fall-colored ornaments, etc. I personally found this beautiful sunflower garland, which ended up being the perfect addition to the tree. Two sets of these 6' garlands was enough for my tree.

3. Choose a topper

Again, let your imagination run wild with this! You can add more flowers, an orange plaid bow, a pumpkin, or even a cute scarecrow. In my case, I went with a few flower stems that I already owned, and just tucked them in at the top.

4. Assemble your creation

You're probably already a pro at this since you've done it a million times during Christmas. Put on a fall movie, get yourself a pumpkin spice latte and have fun!

And that's it! Simple, beautiful, and fun. If you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, I guarantee your guests will love it, too.

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