My 2019 Fall Decor

It's this time of the year again where I decorated my home for fall way too early and hope my neighbors, who can see into my living room from their own living room, don't judge me too much!

I'm gonna be honest, I wasn't a fan of my fall decor last year, but I couldn't figure out why exactly. This year, I spent more time trying out different things and I figured out the problem: I wasn't layering enough pieces together. So this time, I made sure to stack on signs and paintings and books and foxes and everything I could find until I was happy with it. I think it turned out way better!

For a fun little decor video, head over to my Instagram and check out the "My Decor" highlights!

Here are a few pictures and close-ups of what it looks like right now:

I'm in love with this tray of candles. It makes it so easy to carry them around if I want to light them up in my bedroom, for example!

This bookshelf is my crowning achievement. I'm so much more happy with how it looks this year! I might add a few more tiny pumpkins around that huge one at the bottom, but I haven't decided quite yet.

I still need to find a seasonally appropriate painting to put over my bed, and maybe a nice orange plaid blanket instead of the faux-fur. Still in a work in progress but not too bad!

Warm Autumn Stroll

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