Play the Season: Fall in The Sims 4: Seasons

Guys, it finally happened! The Sims 4: Seasons expansion came out!

Since I'm so happy to have seasons back into my Sims lives, I thought I could give you guys a little run-down of what you can expect during the fall season of the game. I won't lie, there are a few things that disappointed me, but overall, it's a blast!

Fall Foliage

This is the stuff that I was missing the most, and it did not disappoint. The leaves slowly turn orange and yellow and red as the season progresses, and you can visibly see them fall. They accumulate on the ground, too, and you can rake them into big piles, then play in them.

It makes for beautiful landscapes and lovely views outside the window.

And urban streets full of leaves.

Sweater Weather

Sadly, very little "fall" outfits were added to the game. You can see below the limited wardrobe choice for cold weather, and that's including a lot of stuff for winter. I was hoping for tons of sweaters with fun patterns, burgundies, oranges, browns, plaid anything, scarves, etc.

Thankfully, the base game comes with a selection of sweaters, but nothing really cute and trendy. It's a bit of a let-down. But at least we do have a few plaid shirts to choose from!

Decorating for Fall

I was pleasantly surprised by the addition of fall decorations, not just Halloween! You can see here how I've decorated my Sims' apartment (using the move objects cheat). You can easily create a cozy, autumnal decor. Could there have been more options? Sure. But I'm pretty happy there even is a few non-Halloween options to begin with!

Another thing that delighted me are these boxes full of decorations that you can put down during certain holidays. You can make your Sims rummage through them and find a bunch of different fall decor. Isn't that cool?!

Trick or Treating

The brand new, unique feature that comes with this Seasons expansion is that you can now create holidays with specific traditions attached to them, and you get to decide what these traditions are. This means that you can create a Halloween holiday where kids come trick-or-treating! Here's what I added to my Halloween:

However, this is where I started getting really disappointed.

Although there are a bunch of Halloween decorations that came with Seasons, there isn't very much. I would have expected a ton of them. There were no ghosts, no witches, no blow-up giant pumpkins to put in the front yard. I still managed to pull off a cool outdoor decor, but I wish I had had more options.

The worst part is that there is no active pumpkin carving in this expansion. You can place a few ready-made jack-o-lanterns, but that's it. Why is that, you may ask? Because EA previously came out with a $10 stuff pack that would let you carve pumpkins and give out candy for Halloween. I get it, people wanted seasons years ago, so they figured they could offer the fans a bit of Halloween early, but they should have included a different type of carving station in Seasons. And they should have crafted a new candy bowl to dole out candies and decorate homes with.

Some of the cool stuff you get with the Spooky Stuff pack, but you'll have to shell out an extra $10.
The reason why Seasons is lackluster in terms of Halloween decor and activities is because they're trying to sell you the $10 stuff pack, and that really frustrates me. I'm not willing to pay extra for something that should have been added to the Seasons expansion in the first place!

Moreover, the trick-or-treating aspect of the holiday was incredibly underwhelming. Only ONE kid showed up at my door, and he just materialized in front of my house (hello realism) and then disappeared. No kids running in the streets from door to door. No groups of excited costumed Sims ringing my doorbell. And no way for my own Sims to go trick-or-treating like in The Sims 3. What a let-down. I would have even been happy if I could have selected a "Go trick or treating" option and everyone had disappeared into a rabbit hole like they do when they go to work, and then came back with a bunch of candy.

Not only that, but when I hosted a party on my Halloween holiday, no one came costumed. Sigh.

The most frustrating thing is that there's so much potential, but the execution is terrible...

Feeling blessed

Where Seasons failed in the Halloween department, it at least made up for it Thanksgiving-wise. This holiday is a default one called Harvestfest, so no need to create it yourself. You can choose between a few delicious-looking Grand Meals (of course, I chose the turkey!).

The funniest part is that you can add a tradition called "Airing of Grievances" for this holiday and make everyone start yelling at each other, because what is Thanksgiving without a family meltdown, am I right?

Or you can also enjoy a peaceful meal like this one:


Overall, I'm still very happy with Seasons. The leaves, the decor, the holidays really work together to make The Sims 4 a more realistic and full life simulation. I love being able to create narratives that change based on the weather and the seasons. Being able to create my own holidays with my own traditions really adds an entirely new facet of customization.

Although I wish there had been more content Halloween- and clothing-wise, I still highly recommend the game if you enjoy playing The Sims 4, and especially if you live in a state without seasons. It's a nice way to get your fix!

Warm Autumn Stroll

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