Autumn Starts... Now!

August 1, 2018

August has finally arrived, which means that I'm happily back at work to bring you the best of autumn and winter for the next 5 months! Hooray!

A few things will be different this year (but in the best way, of course):

  • I've split my Instagram in two because I know that some people prefer one season over the other, and I don't want to clog their feed with something they don't like. This means that @foxandspice will remain a Christmas account, while the shiny, brand new @foxandspice_fall will feature the goodness of autumn. Make sure to follow!
  • I have setup a Tumblr account and have been working HARD for the past two months creating gifs out of videos and movies I adore. My plan is to post one fall-themed gif per day from August to October on @thefoxandspice, and one winter-themed gif per day from November to December on @foxandspice-xmas. Follow both for amazing content like this one:

  • I'll keep my Twitter account a bit more free form, which means no more auto-posting Instagram images. I'll just be tweeting updates, shopping alerts, funny memes and whatever else strikes my fancy instead. If you aren't alread, follow @thefoxandspice!

That's it for all the social media changes. Hopefully you'll all be pleased with it. Basically, my plan is to bring you quality content that are better suited for each platform.

As far as the website, I'll need a moment to get my bearings and see what's in store (literally and figuratively) before I can make lists, shopping roundups, best lists, etc. for you to enjoy. I should be posting very regularly starting in September, but for the month of August, it'll be more sporadic. Bear with me!

I'm so excited for this season to start!

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