Weirdest Christmas Ornaments 2017

There's no denying that Christmas ornaments are a subjective thing. Something that tickles your fancy might look quite off-putting to someone else. There are also tons of ornaments that are specifically tailored to people's passions, which might explain why stores sell odd ornaments like a baseball bat or a yoga mat.

And then there are ornaments that are just inexplicably weird. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to them other than trying to come up with the most unique ornament in the world. You'll find plenty of that on Etsy, but I stumbled upon a few of them while browsing big brand stores as well. Stores like Anthropologie, West Elm and Urban Outfitters excel at coming up with the weirdest stuff, seemingly in the hopes of attracting the ever so elusive millennial generation (of which I am a part; no shade).

I thought I'd show you the top 5 of ornaments that made me go "huh?!". If you were looking to win the award for the Most Random Christmas Tree 2017, here's a place to start.

Santa Riding Sea Creatures 

I get that Santa also needs a vacation in the summer, but somehow I doubt he'd be riding sea animals on his off days, let alone an ALLIGATOR. Because nothing says "fun" like getting your hand chomped off. Maybe that's why he's holding on to that giant candy cane like it's a life-line: he might need it to keep the sharp teeth away.

You can find these glittery ocean-side ornaments at Macy's.

Santa's Basketball Obsession 

I know lots of people are into basketball, but can't we be satisfied with a simple glittery basketball ornament? Do we really need a Santa in basketball gear holding a basketball and, just in case we didn't get it, sitting on a giant basketball? Yeah, we get it, Santa! You love shooting hoops. Try-hard.

You can find this pleonastic sporty ornament at Urban Outfitters.

Ostrich on a Golden Skateboard

Not only is an ostrich an odd choice for an ornament (it's not exactly a favorite among the general population), but why is it riding a skateboard? Of all the birds that exist, an ostrich would be the worst skateboarder in existence. That bird is heavy, tall and has the thinnest, weirdest legs ever. Try balancing that on a skateboard. And their useless wings can't even help them stay up.

You can find this acrobatic ostrich and its precious skateboard at West Elm.

Jazzy Raccoon & Skunk

Speaking of weird choice of animals, these have got to be the most hated critters of urban life. I get that woodland animals are popular this year, but a skunk and a raccoon? Really? No amount of cool jazz instruments and attire will save the fact that these smelly, sneaky animals have no place on our Christmas trees. Actually, scratch that; I'm starting to fall in love with them. I've been staring at them for the past ten minutes and they're totally growing on me. Send help.

You can find these increasingly adorable pests at West Elm.

Cats & Dogs Collage Boxes

This... I mean this... I don't even know. I love it and I hate it at the same time, and I'm pretty sure this is exactly what the creator of these beautiful monstrosities was trying to elicit. It looks like your 10-year-old cousin Timmy drew your name for Secret Santa this year, but used his entire allowance on video games, then threw these together with an old stick of Elmer's glue, a bunch of PetSmart catalogs and his mom's entire stash of glitter. It's fabulous. And ugly. It's the ugly sweater of ornaments.

You can find these inexplicable DIY shadow boxes at Target, but I can't find them anymore on their website.

If you find any weird ornaments in store, or if you collect them, be sure to send me pics!

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