Play The Season: 5 Video Games for Winter

You may not know this, but I currently live in California. Although I'm in the northern part and it does get a bit chilly during the winter, it's still not enough to ever see ONE snowflake, unless we drive up to the mountain. Needless to say, as a Canadian, I miss the snow like my own mother.  Every winter, I want to move back to the East Coast on a whim.

It's a problem.

One way I deal with this snow withdrawal is by playing some of my favorite video games that are set in the winter. It gives me a chilly, snowflakey cozy feeling that isn't quite the same as relaxing in front of a fire while a snow storm rages outside, but it still helps quite a bit.

So here are my top 5 video games set in a winter wonderland. Note that some of them do take place in Christmas, but not all. I'm focusing on snow on this one.

Any Animal Crossing/The Sims Games (except The Sims 4)
As I've mentioned in my Play The Season fall edition, these games are the best to get into the spirit of any of your favorite seasons. In Animal Crossing, winter brings about snow, snow storms and even snowman making, as well as a Christmas-like celebration on December 25th. In every The Sims games that had a "season" expansion, you'll get to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas by decorating your house, giving wrapped gifts to your loved ones, drinking hot chocolate and hosting a Christmas party, as well as tons of outdoors wintry activities like ice skating, snowman making and more. Of course, don't expect it in the current generation, The Sims 4, because EA hates us all. Actually, it's not entirely true: you can still decorate your home for Christmas and host a party, but don't expect snow. So basically, you get to see what it's like to celebrate the holidays in California.

Rise of the Tomb Raider
This will hit you right in the snow feels the second you start up the game, and it'll keep you feeling frosty all the way through as you navigate a treacherous snow peak. Avalanches, ice climbing, snow storms, frostbites abound in this one, and it is oh so glorious. One of the best video games in this list to feel immersed in the environment!

Overcooked: The Festive Seasoning
OK, this one isn't super high on the snowflake scale, I'll be honest. But I played it last Christmas with my husband, and we were addicted. It's a chaotic co-op game in which you have to chop, cook and serve orders as they come, but you have to be quick and communicate efficiently with your partner(s). It's a LOT of fun! "But what does this have to do with winter?" you may ask. Well, it comes with a free Christmas DLC, The Festive Seasoning, which includes 8 new levels that will have you cook a special holiday meal in festive hats. You even travel on a snowy map aboard a snowmobile to get from level to level, which is adorable. So yeah, not as immersive as the rest of the games on this list, but I highly recommend that you play this game with your family this Christmas. You won't regret it!

Until Dawn
Be warned: This one is a horror game. However, the setting is amazing for any snow lovers. It's an interactive drama, which means you only need to explore around, press some buttons when prompted and choose dialogue options to shape the story as you go. It takes place in an isolated lodge during winter, and lots of the scenes happen outside in the cold and snow. The weather, sound effects and dialogue really excel at making you feel like you're outside in the cold, which is fantastic. And the story is really cool. A must play, in my opinion! We need more interactive drama games in our lives, especially if they happen in winter.

Batman: Arkham Origins
This one actually takes place during Christmas Eve, which is pretty awesome! You get to play as Batman and glide around Arkham, a New York-like city decorated for the holidays. You'll get some nice snowfalls that you can watch from the top of a skyscraper, taking in the beautiful cityscape. If you ever wanted to experience Christmas in  New York, but can't because it's too expensive, this is your best bet. There's even dark Christmas music playing in some areas of the game!

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