2017 Christmas Roundup: Cute Christmas Sweaters

The Christmas Ugly Sweater trend has been going on for a few years now, and every season, clothing stores are filled with gaudy, funny or downright ridiculous sweaters for the holidays. However, I don't know if you've noticed, but cute Christmas sweaters have all but disappeared!

What happened to the nice, après-ski type of knitted sweaters with the fun snowflake, reindeer and Christmas tree patterns? I originally wanted to give you two sweater roundups in this post; one for cute sweaters and one for ugly sweaters, but it was incredibly hard to find cute ones, and incredibly difficulty to wade through the huge amount of ugly ones in every stores.

So I decided to focus on cute sweaters because I love a good challenge. And what you will see below is all I could find. Guys, I even had to resort to checking Amazon and third party sellers on Walmart.com. That's how dire the situation is!

But enough ranting. Let's dive in!

1// Aerie Oversized Fair Isle Sweater | AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS
2// Jacquard-knit Sweater | H&M
3// Fine-knit Sweater | H&M
4// Christmas Hoodie Pullover Sweater | WALMART
5// Futurino Reindeer Knitted Christmas Tunic | AMAZON

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