The Return of Krispy Kreme's Pumpkin Spiced Donut

As I predicted, Krispy Kreme is organizing a few more Original Pumpkin Spice Glazed events this month. But don't ask me to tell you your future; the extent of my fortune-telling is whether or not a pumpkin spice donut is coming your way. And the answer is always yes.

But now, you've got even more reasons to head over to your nearest Krispy Kreme, because they've added their Halloween-decorated donuts to their selection! I don't know about you, but I feel like any donut tastes a thousand times better when it has eyes. Is that creepy? Nah.

Photo: Krispy Kreme

Here are the dates for the last remaining Pumpkin Spice Glazed events. It's basically after 6pm every Friday in October, except for the last week, where it'll be Thursday, because reasons. Simple right? You may also have to circle your house three times, do a spooky dance, sprinkle glitter over your left hand while chanting "pumpkin spice, pumpkin spice, pumpkin spice is all my life" four times and once backwards. But don't quote me on that.

Friday, October 13 (after 6pm)
Friday, October 20 (after 6pm)
Thursday, October 26 (after 6pm)

Got get 'em while you can!

EDIT: Turns out that they're only available after 6pm on all the dates, not just October 26. My bad!

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