David's Tea 2017 Halloween Flavors

I'm a huge fan of David's Tea, not only because I'm Canadian, but also because they've single–handedly made me into a tea drinker, which is not an easy feat. They have a huge selection of teas from your classic organic earl grey to really unique, fun flavors like Chocolate Chili Chai and Pink Lemonade. Among my personal favorites are Raspberry Cream Pie, S'mores Chai (I just now realized that it's sold out and I'm horrified) and Goji Green.

The other thing I love about David's Tea is how festive they at the start of each season and holiday. They always come out with new mugs, tins and teas that fit the occasion so perfectly that I just want to give them the biggest bear hug ever. Waiting for new David's Tea collections is like waiting for Christmas morning. OK, maybe not. But it's close second.

My store is sadly pretty far from where I live, so I wasn't able to take pictures myself, but I can't just overlook David's Tea in my Halloween Finds series because their new collection is so awesome, it needs to be shared. Again, none of this is sponsored or a collab; they don't even know I exist (sob). I just do this for love.

Let's dive in!

Photo: David's Tea

Now these are the reason why we're here. These weirdly amazing teas with equally amazing names are what you'll want to try at David's Tea. Magic Potion turns from blue to violet when you add lemon juice, Organic Stormy Night has pieces of actual chocolate in it (I bet you never thought tea could be that cool), Swampwater turns spooky dark green and has black cats and orange sprinkles in it, and Witch's Brew has bats and witch hats sprinkles in it. What more could you ask for, really?

Photo: David's Tea
If you're interested in trying a bunch of different teas from David's Tea, you can buy this "Haunted Mansion Survival Kit", which will give you a sample of 6 different teas: Pumpkin Chai, Glitter & Gold, Happy Kombucha, Cardamom French Toast, Magic Potion and Organic Stormy Night.

Photo: David's Tea
If it's your fist time buying David's Tea, try this starter kit, which includes a spoon, an adorable clear mug with ghost silhouettes, a stainless steel infuser and a tin full of Magic Potion tea.

Photo: David's Tea
And if you're looking for a little something fun add to your order, check these out! That chocolate pumpkin lollipop is infused with Stormy Night tea, because yes, David's Tea also offers treats, not just tricked out teas.

And finally, my personal favorite in every collection...

Photo: David's Tea
The seasonal, full-color mug. Usually, these are heat-sensitive and something will appear on the mug when you pour hot water into it, but this time, David's Tea went for something a little more ghostly.

Photo: David's Tea

It glows in the dark!

Needless to say, I'm in love with this collection. What do you think?

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