2017 Halloween Finds: Kohl's

Am I the only one that always misspells Kohl's for Khol's? Where does that name come from anyway?

Existential questions aside, I usually love visiting Kohl's to check out their seasonal decor. However, just like my local Joann, the Kohl's near where I live is pretty barren, Halloween decor-wise. They only had one sorry-looking end-cap and and some hand towels, but I thought I'd show you anyway.

I might have to start looking for a better shopping spot for Kohl's and Joann.

The first thing I noticed were these hand towels. They did have a nice, varied selection of them actually!

This is pretty much the the extent of their Halloween offerings. They had a few bits and pieces in the aisle on the side, but it was mostly summer stuff on ultra-sale. And by the way, I visited both in early September and early October, and it didn't change much, sadly.

A few close-ups!

Now THIS was cool though! I love the vintage look.

They also had some cute frames.

I did spot this friendly-looking skeleton hidden in the fall decor!

And these cool-looking candle holders.

I have to say, their pillow section made up for their meager offering in the seasonal section. They had a lot of nice pillows! I almost bought the jack-o-lantern one a million times, and I might still buy it. I don't know. Should I? It looks so cool!

But here is what took the cake for me during my visit. This shower curtain. That glows. In. The. Dark. I'm in love.

So there you have it! It wasn't much, but Kohl's did have a few really cool items that I'm seriously considering purchasing. I wonder how stocked your Kohl's was. Is this nation-wide, or just my local branch?

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