2017 Halloween Finds: JOANN Fabrics & Crafts

Sadly, my Joann Fabrics is fairly small and old, and they never seem to carry as much stuff as I remember from other locations I've been to. Their shelves never seem shock-full of stuff like Michael's, but I don't know if it's because they're devoting too much space to a small amount of stock, or if it's just my local branch that's lacking.

In any case, I did find a lot of cool Halloween decor, so let's dig in!

If there's one thing that Joann did right this season, it's the pumpkin selection. Look at that orange and black lace one! It's gorgeous!

My Joann didn't have many signs, but the ones they had were top-notch. I love the very large WELCOME sign. It would look so good outside next to the door with some fairy lights!

These past few years, I've noticed more and more Halloween ornaments and trees coming out in stores, and Joann had some nice quality ones on offer! I'm still not sold on it though. I like the idea, but I know my friends and family would totally think it's too extra to do a Halloween tree, and I'm not quite ready to own up to it.

I'm obsessed with stripes so these caught my eyes. How cool would they look on your lawn, maybe in front of a tombstone that says "Ding dong, the witch is dead"?

Lots of animal skeletons in the stores this year! The caged bird is a super nice touch.

Joann is also one of the few stores offering apparel like bows, jewelry and an amazing collection of socks. So. Many. Socks!

And of course, Joann is a crafting store, so they've got a good selection of bits and pieces for your DIY projects and Halloween parties.

This pillow is SO LONG, you wouldn't believe it! Perfect for a couch or a king-size bed!

Finally, I spotted these at the checkout line. Love that cute "Happy Halloween" sign with the dots!

So there you have it! Not a whole lot but this is a good example of quality over quantity.

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