Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed Day

Guys, just like last year, Krispy Kreme will be churning out a pumpkin spice version of their hot, gooey, delicious original glaze donuts, but only for one day. So go on, slap a sticky note on your calendar, block out an hour on your work schedule, set an alarm on your phone, ask the neighbor to remind you... Do whatever you need to do to remember this date:


Or you could just wait until they host another pumpkin spice day later during the fall. Last year, the special flavor made its debut on October 26th, and Krispy Kreme generously decided to add one more pumpkin spice day on November 16th. Considering the 2017 edition is happening so early in the season, I'm assuming it will pop up again at least once in October, if not more.

But don't take my word for it. What do I know? Don't miss your chance—it might be the only one!

Pro-tip. Last year, a super awesome Krispy Kreme employee let me in on a secret: they were also serving an unannounced cinnamon original glazed flavor. And honestly? It was even better than the pumpkin spice. Now before you start throwing rotten pumpkin at me for daring to say such a treasonous thing, give it a try. If they do it again this year, of course. But maybe it was only offered in my store?

Or maybe I dreamed all of this and it never happened.

What a sweet, sweet dream...

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