2017 Fall Finds: Michael's

Let's be honest: I should have started this blog a month ago when the fall/Halloween decor started popping up everywhere, but I didn't. So let's ignore for a second that I've been posting these pictures on Instagram and Facebook for a while already, and bask in the orange glow of so many cute decorations.

Let's dig in.

Michael's is my favorite store to hit up for holiday decor because they always have shelves and shelves of wonderful options that suit everyone's tastes. There was SO MUCH to see that I got dizzy from a sweet, sweet autumn high.

Michael's is definitely winning the cute wooden signs game this year. It took a lot of willpower for me not to grab the biggest cart they have and raid their entire stock. I probably wouldn't have enough walls to hang them all, but isn't that what ceilings are for?

Here's a close-up of pumpkins. Get used to it, because you'll be seeing tons of these in the coming months.

And if, like me, you now live in California and no longer have access to colorful leaves during your favorite season, here's an aisle that'll make you happy.  Try not to do a twirly dance when you reach it though, people will give you weird looks. I speak from experience.

One of the highlights of my visit were these painfully adorable little birds dressed like dapper Englishmen. They're the Holmes and Watson of fall, solving mysteries and fighting crime in Pumpkinshire.

I bet this owl is the culprit they're looking for. She looks 100% guilty of something. WHAT DID YOU DO, OWLETTE? Although your beak remains forever shut, your button eyes speak volumes.

I've considered buying tons of stuff, and even put together a little decor idea.

But I ended up going home with only two new items, because I am godly... and also my wallet is empty. Still, I'm pretty happy with the two additions to my home decor.

Did anything strike your fancy in there? Show me what you've bought so far!

Warm Autumn Stroll

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