2020 Fall Favorites

The season is coming to an end, so it's time for a quick recap of my favorite everything from the past few months. It's always hard to pick just one in each category, but I love doing these!

Favorite Store

For obvious reasons, fall decor stocks were pretty slim, and a lot of the stores we usually rely on had very little available throughout the season. Except for Micheal's, that is. Our dear friend came through, serving us AMAZING collections for both fall and Halloween. The shelves were full, the pieces were unique and cool as hell (including some kind of spooky garden theme that tickled my fancy, and even a glamorous Halloween Blush collection that made a lof of people swoon). So this year, there is no contest: Michael's won the game.

Favorite Decor

Halloween Garland from Kohl's
It's a little ironic that I just sang the praises of Michael's, yet my favorite decor actually came from Kohl's, but I fell in love with this garland. I almost didn't buy it because I don't normally decorate much for Halloween, but I decided to give it a try and hung it under my TV. It brought me so much joy every time I saw it, and it's the best purchase I made this year. After the pumpkin waffle maker, of course.

Favorite Mug

Fox Mug from Target
I bought last year's version of this mug from Target, but the shape is a little crude and lacking in details, so when I saw this updated one, I couldn't pass on it. It's so much more adorable!

Favorite Snack

Caramel Apple Mellowcreme from Brach's
Okay, I know a lot of people hate candy corn, and mellowcremes are pretty much candy corn in a different shape, but this one is apple flavored. "So what?" I hear you say. Well, it tastes SO GOOD! I didn't expect it to be good, as I never really enjoy flavored candy corn, but this actually taste like an apple. Not only that, but the green apple tastes like a Granny Smith, and the red apple tastes like a Gala or something. You've got both sweet and tart apple flavors, which blew my mind. These really hit the spot in a way I wasn't expecting, so they're my winner for this year.

Favorite Candle

Pumpkin Pie from Michael's
I didn't really fall in love with any of the new candle scents this year, so I found myself coming back to my old favorite time and time again. I know I've talked about it a few times before, but I'll say it again: when you go to Michael's, give this one a sniff. I know a lot of the other candle scents they have aren't that special or that good, but this one? This one is a winner for sure.

Favorite Book

Small Spaces by Katherine Arden
I always say I'm going to read tons of fall novels when the season rolls around, but let's face it: I don't have that much time, and also, it's hard to find fall novels. This is the only one I managed to read, but it's REALLY good. It's technically a middle-grade book, but it's written very well and absolutely not "dumbed down." It's creepy but not too scary, it's atmospheric, and it's just the right length. Highly recommended.

Favorite Movie/TV Show

Hubie Halloween
Listen, I know the movie is very silly and sometimes a bit "wtf?", but that's what you should expect from an Adam Sandler movie. It's just stupid fun, and I personally think we need more stupid fun these days. But what really sold me on it is the fact that every single shot is FILLED with the most perfect fall and Halloween decor. The set design is what I've always wanted from a fun Halloween movie, popping off the screen with orange everything, bright-colored leaves, pumpkins and decorations everywhere. It's a dream, and I know I'll be watching this movie every year from now on.

Best Fox of the Season

Fox Salt & Pepper Shakers from Modcloth
Sadly, this year I didn't see a lot of foxes other than the Target mug, but I was lucky enough to stumble upon these little guys when I was looking for a cozy cardigan on Modcloth. They weren't too expensive so I picked them up, and I'm happy I did. They're currently sitting on my bookshelf, and I don't plan on putting any salt or pepper in them. I hope they're okay with this change of lifestyle.

Warm Autumn Stroll

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