Cozy Sweaters for the Cold Days Ahead

September just started, and I'm sure a lot of you have noticed a wonderful chill in the air when the sun sets. I bet you're all dreaming of putting on your favorite, thick woolly sweater that will go perfectly with a piping hot PSL as you stroll downtown.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about stocking up on sweaters and cozy jackets, so I went online shopping and picked out my favorite pieces from a ton of different stores. As usual, none of this is sponsored, but I do get a small commission on the Amazon links, which helps me pay the cost of hosting my humble little blog 😊

Let's get cozy!

1 // Speckled and Puffed Pullover Sweater | MODCLOTH
3 // Cozy Biker Jacket | HOLLISTER
4 // Cable Knit Puff Sleeve Cardigan | ABERCROMBIE & FITCH

1 // Puff Sleeve Cardigan | ABERCROMBIE & FITCH
3 // Cozy Brushed Shirt Jacket | HOLLISTER
5 // Prim & Proper Peacot | MODCLOTH

1 // Waffle Puff Sleeve Cuff Sweater | ABERCROMBIE & FITCH
4 // Puff Sleeve Long Cardigan | ABERCROMBIE & FITCH

Warm Autumn Stroll

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