My 2019 Christmas Decor

Like everything else this Christmas season, my decor was fashionably late because of my move. However, I have to say that I enjoyed decorating after Thanksgiving. I might try that again next year. I've been decorating as soon as November 1st hits for as long as I can remember, and sometimes I feel like I get too used to the tree when December hits. I no longer get the fun butterflies of seeing it in my living room every time I get up in the morning.

We'll see though. I'm probably not going to be able to resist putting it up as soon as I can because I get so excited about Christmas in late October 🤣

If you've been around this blog for the last two years, you'll notice that I have completely changed my Christmas decor theme! I've finally made the switch to rustic cabin like I've been meaning to for so long. I'm absolutely loving it, but it'll take me a bit to build upon what I've gotten and get more comfortable with it. I'm still pretty happy with the results so far!

Here are some more pictures:

Warm Autumn Stroll

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