2017 Christmas Decor Roundup - Vintage

The vintage Christmas theme is also one of my favorites. I'm liking the retro 50's vibe and the jolly, iconic Santa's face with the red cheeks! I also adore the addition of teal to the off shades of red and green. I tried to find a bunch of items that scream "good ol' time," but you can always go a little more subtle. But what's the fun in that?!

Let's dive in!

1 // Distressed Instant Snow/Mistletoe Advertisement Wood Decor | HOBBY LOBBY
2 // Santa's Convertible Figurine | HOBBY LOBBY
3 // Retro Bottlebrush Wreath | WORLD MARKET
4 // Christmas 4 pk Metal Boxes | JOANN
5 // Vintage Santa Days Til' Christmas Wood Wall Decor | HOBBY LOBBY
6 // Red And Blue Retro Felt Garland | WORLD MARKET
7 // Laughing Santa Velvet Pillow | T.J. MAXX

1 // I Love Lucy Glass Ornament in Television | MOD CLOTH
2 // Vintage Santa Clause Ho Ho Ho Ornament | KIRKLAND'S
3 // Flocked Deer Ornaments | HOBBY LOBBY
4 // Betty Boop Christmas Ornament | URBAN OUTFITTERS
5 // Metal Heart With Retro Santa Ornament | WORLD MARKET
6 // Boy On Stick Horse Ornament | HOBBY LOBBY

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