2017 Christmas Decor Roundup: Pastel

Who doesn't love pastel colors? Soft, pillowy hues reminiscent of childhood and innocence: It's no wonder some people love to decorate for Christmas with baby pinks, calming blues and mint greens! Not a lot of shops carry pale colors for Christmas, except World Market, who seem to have made it their ultimate goal to deck your home in cottony colors this season.

I've scoured other big brand stores and found a nice amount of items to add to your collection if pastel is your jam, so without further ado...

Here are my pastel picks for 2017!

1 // Blush Mongolian Faux Fur Throw | WORLD MARKET
3 // Wool Cone Tabletop Trees | WORLD MARKET
6 // Deer Snowglobe Pillow | TJ MAXX

1 // Gold Painted Stripe Ball Ornaments | HOBBY LOBBY
2 // Tree In Transport Ornament | ANTHROPOLOGIE
3 // Ice Cream On A Stick Ornament | HOBBY LOBBY
4 // Sisal Wreath Ornament | MACY'S
5 // Adirondack Chair Ornament | KMART

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