Play The Season: 5 Casual Video Games for Halloween

Video games are another one of my passions, and I often revisit some of my favorite games because they take place during a season I really love. It's a great way to immerse yourself in the colors and atmosphere of your favorite holidays.

Alright, let's start this series with 5 fun and family-friendly games that are shock-full of Halloween feels.

The Sims 3: Seasons
The previous generation of this life simulation game has an expansion pack dedicated to seasons, and it even allows you to set your world to year-round autumn if you wish so! Once autumn hits, the trees in your town will turn different shades of orange and fall to the ground, allowing your Sims jump into piles of them. You'll also be able to decorate for Halloween, wear costumes, host a spooky party, go to a harvest festival, carve pumpkins and go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Quite the complete Halloween experience!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Another life simulation, but this one's cuteness factor is off the charts. This game mirrors real-life time by keeping track of the date and time on your console, which means that when September 1st hits, your Animal Crossing village will be full of orange trees. You'll also be able to hop in the game on Halloween and Thanksgiving for some fun activities with your animal neighbors, including trick-or-treating and hunting for ingredients for a delicious feast.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
This action-adventure game features Mario's little brother, Luigi, who has been recruited by Professor E. Gadd to explore haunted mansions full of amusing ghosts. Armed with a vacuum cleaner (you read that right), your task will be to retrieve the ghosts and bring them to Prof. E. Gadd's lab. Adorable and very much reminiscent of Ghostbusters, it'll make you want to visit haunted houses in your area.

This quirky, crafty platformer will have you jump your way through tons of mysterious, dark and theatrical environments to find your lost head. But don't worry, you'll get to wear different borrowed heads in the meantime (and you're a cute little puppet, so it's not gory or anything...). One of the stages is a glorious Halloween environment filled with crows, jack-o-lanterns and a huge pumpkin boss. The game is presented like a puppet show, complete with strings, curtains, an amazing narrator and a clapping audience! It's fun, it's moody, it's magical and it's a must for Halloween!

Costume Quest
The quintessential Halloween game of all time, if you ask me, is Costume Quest. This RPG-adventure game manages to infuse the very essence of what is Halloween in every single second of your adventure. The story takes place on Halloween night and will have you trick-or-treating, hunting for resources to craft new costumes, battling goblins and running around a beautiful suburb all decked out in Halloween decorations and autumn goodness. But beware: it is bursting with childhood Halloween nostalgia, and it might hit you right in the feels. If it does, be sure to play Costume Quest 2, which is even better!

Warm Autumn Stroll

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